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My name is Gary Cunningham and I am a self-taught knife maker. I started making knives around 1985. At that time I worked full-time as a machine operator in a factory. I worked there for 28 years, mainly operating lathes and metal forming machines. I made knives part-time for enjoyment and to supplement my income.

In 2016 the factory closed, leaving me with career decisions to make. I decided to put my knives first and began working on knives full-time. My knives are completely handmade. I use no pre-cut blades or factory-made parts. I design my own blades, using primarily, 154cm this Steel was originated in Japan as ATS 34 the American version is154cm,The 440c I use has a higher carbon content ,O1 carbon, D2, damascus. Heating treating of my blades are done in a controlled digital controlled furnace.Designing of my knives come from a period of meat cutting , designing and doing art work and working with metal in other jobs.All these attributes contributed to my ability to make knives.

I gladly work with my customers to design and create a knife that meets their exact needs. Details are important to me from the way the knife feels in your hand to the way it cuts.

If their is a knife in my store that you like but want a different steel perhaps Damascus it would be $50.00 extra,a different handle for instance, bone would be $20.00 extra ,Stag $50.00 .Ram horn $40.00, rare snakewood $40.00 ,rare Koa $40.00 extra.any thing else can be discussed about. A little about the price of my knives you may notice variations a lot of that is due to the complicity of the blade and the material involved in the knife.

Handle materials vary from micarta to stag, exotic wood, bone, and woven fiberglass materials. I cut, dye, mold, and hand sew leather sheaths from 8- 9 oz cowhide.

Thank You for visiting my website. I strive to make a quality knife and as you can see, when I say my knives are handmade, they truly are.

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"Got it today and absolutely love it! Beautiful work, Gary. Proud to own it and cant wait to clean some trout with it."

- David C. 

"Love this knife! Skinned turkey, cut potatoes and fish. Thanks again."
- Henry F. 

"I got the knives and they're even better in real life! Great customer service and fast shipping."

- Stuart S.


Cunningham Knives Handmade in N.C.